Tree of life

After someone died the family creates a nice place for the one they loved. A spot at a cemetery or an urn filled with ash is really impersonal, I think. The idea of being burned or buried after dead scares me. My remains are still useful for the earth and for the ones I leave behind me. Many trees have already been cut down for my consumption behavior of paper and furniture.


What is it?
Designer Anna Citella and Raoul Bretzel developed a new burial method in Italy. The project Capsula Mundi is an organic burial capsule made of biodegradable plastic starch, which transforms the remains into nutrients for a tree that will grow. In this way the circle of life is round and cemeteries change into a beautiful forest. After the deceased is positioned in foetal position in the capsule, it is planted in the earth. It is possible to become your favorite tree because there are various seeds to choose. Capsula Mundi is only just a because the Italian law does not support the project.


Why is it cool?
In my search for reincarnation I found two other projects with the same starting point: The Urban Death project and Bios Urn. All of these projects have the same result, a tree grown out of a deceased. What I really like about Capsula Mundi is the design, besides the beautiful meaning it is also art. I think these three signals are a good foundation for the change in the funeral industry. Because we destroy much wood for coffins and the atmosphere in a graveyard is unpleasant. With one of these projects our future cities would look different. I think a beautiful forest filled with the ones you loved is a nice place to visit and reminisce. In that case cemeteries disappear form our environment. Depart this life is something that never ends, happily the mortality rates are currently low compared to decades ago. These projects are signals of the trend ‘Sustainable Cities’ because this development contributes to the health of the future earth. Human movement is moving in the broadest, your body moves literally in a tree.



*Mortality rates



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