Floating garden

According to The World Bank estimates, earth’s population will grow to almost 10 billion in the next four decades. By 2050, the global demand for food is expected to be 60-70% higher than today. To feed al these mouths, sufficient water and an arable bottom in good condition are essential. Without water there is no agriculture, trough the climate change the scarcity of fresh water increases.

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What is it?
Jellyfish Barge comes from a project by Antonio Girardi and Cristiana Favretto (Studiomobille) called ‘Jellyfish Barge’. They created a floating greenhouse of 70 square meters that provides energy and water by the sun and rain. The project not only uses sustainable energy, but is also made of recycled materials. The plants are powered by rainwater or water, which lying around. The energy for this process is produced by solar panels. The designers are working to expand this concept so that families and communities who live close to water can grow their own food, without the needed for soil.

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Why is it cool?
I think we need to be more aware of the exhaustion of the earth. This article of *OneWorld.nl tells more about it. We in the west are lucky to import fresh food if there is no nature in our environment. Third world countries do not have this possibility. They are completely dependent on their environment and the local food chain. To start a food process Jellyfish would be a beautiful initiative. The downside of this is that water in developing countries is often kilometres away form the village. Also offers the greenhouse only enough vegetables for two families. In addition education is necessary for farmers to know how they can maintain the crops. I think jellyfish offer more opportunities for areas with less arable land in a modern environment. With the predictions for 2050, alternatives must be found to have enough food for everyone.

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*One World




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