Panda dinner

Buildings can be constructed in different ways. The building materials used for this are often harmful to the environment. Why should we not use nature again in a new way? Or for a social purpose.


What is it?
For the Milan expo, which has the core theme ‘Feeding the planet, Energy for life’, the Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia designed a flowering bamboo structures modelled on lotus pods. This exhibition will take place in 2015 from May to October. 145 countries take part of the exhibition and Vietnam is one of them. The pavilion is inspired on the lotus ponds that are typical for the Vietnamese scenery. The national flower (lotus) is described as an example for sustainable living. All the parts of the plants are useful for example for soups, salads, snacks, and drinks or for natural medicine. The project consists of 25 bamboo structures, which are encircled by water. Fed by the bamboo, plants are growing on the rooftop, this is a natural process.


Why is it cool?
Hearing about the trend ‘Sustainable Cities’ I become really curious about how this will improve our scenery in the future. In this case, the most important aspect of the trend is living in this world without damage the earth. I think that we have to change the way we treat the earth at this moment. The visualized science fiction future city is impossible without harming the environment. Therefore I believe in alternatives searched in the nature itself. What I find interesting about this project is building vertically and it can also be seen as a social place. As the world population continues grows like now trough *aging population we are forced to live closer together in the future. Eventually forests must caps to create space. But we need trees for oxygen to stay alive, so why not a natural growth process aloft? Also a social place is important for a city. The pavilion can be a meeting place in the centre to bring people together. Especially when you getting older is it important to stay in contact with others.



*Aging population,3-4&D2=a&D3=a&HD=081106-1151&HDR=T,G1&STB=G2,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50-58&HD=081107-1434&HDR=T&STB=G1


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