Milk moustache

Milk loses the appreciation in our society. To appreciate milk again and to draw attention for the disappearance of the milk quota, ‘MelkSalon’ is setting up. What was once a basic nutrient now fades from the diet of most people.

What is it?
The first day of April the pop up store ‘MelkSalon’ will be opens. It is a temporary test to rediscover the value of milk. Consumers, farmers, dairy processors, designers and scientists will make a major contribution to this. To boost the project chefs will organize a number of special dinners. In addition, lectures, design meetings, movie nights and walking tours are organized. The project is a shop and milk bar where you can taste different milking. The location is Oude Spiegelstraat 6 in Amsterdam. It is an initiative of designer Sietske Monastery supported by project and campaign office Food Cabinet. This means that the restrictions on the amount of milk production expire.


Why is it cool?
‘MelkSalon’ touches all the aspects of the trend ‘the open world’: Collaboration: Because it is a project where farmers and designers try to maintain the value of milk. Transparency: The organization is open about the fact that milk is an important part of ones diet. Sharing: new ideas will be formed in group sessions. Empowerment is the most important factor of this project. The goal is to ask attention for the conservation and importance of the milk industry, that is the reason why this initiative started.

MelkSalon2 (Small) (2)

I believe that in the future our diet will change trough the evolution of the food industry and technology. Due to the development of the 3D printer it is possible to eat on the next level. It all revolves around the experience of food. Milk contains a lot of calcium, which is an important nutrient for our body.Therefore it is necessary that the milk industry and milk itself have to adapt to the changing technological environment and the high expectations of society. However, the element of ‘autenticity’ contradicts this. The trend ‘Authenticity’ is for more back to the roots. A glass of milk straight out of the udder. This can be interpreted as a different perspective; the trend ‘authenticity’ goes back to the basic, a fresh glass of milk. In this case the quantity of milk production will rise.


Curious? Do not be late cause the store will only be open until the end of April.

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