It is Alive!

Fresh food! That is what you expect when you are going out for diner, right? But how can a chef prove that the fish he serves is direct form the sea and ended up on your plate? By the distrust of the consumer, it is necessary for cooks to solve this in a creative way. Star Chef René Redzepi of Danish restaurant Noma devised a recipe where the consumer gets nothing else than the truth.


What is it?
Inspired by the Chinese and Japanese culture René Redzepi invented a new concept. Together with Nordic Food Lab, this is a not-commercial laboratory that research for a culinary future. The new court is a combination of living prawns coated with also living black ants, which add a sour taste to the sweet taste shrimp. The dish is the first course of a fourteen course dinner and cost 300 euro and is served at Redzepi’s pop up restaurant in Tokyo.


Why is it cool?
I believe that there is no better way to proof that food is fresh than serving it alive. Guests will be shocked at first, cause they are faced with the truth, they are eating living animals. One of aspect of trend ‘The open world’ is openness and transparency. Chef René Redzipi is total open about the ingredients he use because the animals are still in original condition, only numbed. This dish can also interpreted by the trend ‘Experience economy’, most typical of this trend is the whole experience, and often consumers pay a lot for it. I believe that eating living shrimp and ants is a great experience.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that animals are slain to feed us. Due to the invention of Mark Post is it is possible that meet can grow. I see a big future for this development. This is good alternative to the current meat production, which is focused on mass rather than quality. Imagine, a hamburger that has grown from twenty thousand strips of muscle tissue.



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