Lets be honest

Among consumers are more and more questions about what way have their products have made and which originated the raw materials has. In the fashion industry, this is a hot topic because how can we check that our clothes are made in a fair way and also the correct price has been paid to the farmers? The fashion system has become so complicated that Bruno Pieters coined the next concept.

What is it?
Former art director of Hugo Boss, Bruno Pieters launched world’s first 100% transparent fashionlabel: Honest By. It al started in 2012. On the website you will find all the information about how and of which garment the clothes are made of. In this way, Bruno wants to be respectful of the environment, expressing the animals and the people who fabricate. A passionate for his job so. For each product you will get a full explanation where something is produced, how long is working on something, how the prise is calculated and what the ecological footprint of your garment is. The idea for the label and website developed during Pieters sabbatical in South India. The designer travelled around and came to understand how he saw the fashion industry. By coming into contact with the local population, he noted that they enjoyed that the knew who had made it and where it was manufactured. Back in Antwerp, Bruno decided to try this principle at the international level with designer clothes en started Honest By.
Why is it cool?
Because there is an abundance of information it is difficult to distinguish what is true and false. The Internet has made the world more open and that is why gather information is accessible for everyone, but not all of this information is reliability. A consequence of this is transparency. In this way, total openness can be given on all surfaces. This method of clothing sales is dared, because you give the consumer a figuratively look at the records.

Through this total openness an additional experience is created while wearing the garments because the consumer knows the facts that there is no child labour amongst the production of the collection for example. Hopefully because the concept Honest By buyers will think critical about the mass production society we live in and the become more aware about what consequences their purchases have for the society. I think that this concept is a signal is the start of the total openness flow.
I think more companies will introduce openness in the future because the world demands this. This is partly due to the fact that we are interested in the origin of products as it contributes to the story that a product tells.

Curious to the collections or where a fair price is based on? Take a look at: http://www.honestby.com


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