Our food is not always what is seams like… Before it transforms into a visually acceptable substance it has made a long way. We al know that fast-food is not made of the highest quality meat, but often we do not even know of which part it is made of.

What is it?
Photographer Peter Augustus confronts us with the truth, the project is called ‘Mystery Meat’. He shows the reality of what it looks like before being cleaned, processed en packaged. He literally stops animal parts between the sandwiches where normally the processed food would be placed between. Two years ago the Texas-Born Peter Augustus he moved to Hong Kong. The traditional meats shops on each corner in the city smote him.




Why is it cool?
Art en Fast-food is a signal that I have seen more during my research. The series ‘contemporary Pieces’ of the German Photographer Rebecca Rutten, she also raises questions about our modern fast-food culture and translates it with art. It is interesting that both photographers ask attention for this subject, this means that it is a social problem what is really going on. Alarming is that you can buy large amounts of food at a fast food restaurant for a comparatively lower price than health food. ‘Mystery Meat’ is an expression of the trends transparency. There is openness about fast-food really is and that is not a brown fried burger in the first place. I think the amount of fast food will decrease in the future. Through this kind of projects the population increasingly aware of what junk they eat. Concern is still that healthy food is more expensive. Fortunately, there is recently much attention for this problem and initiatives as self-cultivate vegetable gardens are up coming. This is not the solution but if everyone is more aware, it goes in the right direction.



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