Biotechnology jewelry #Herkansing

The size of the textile industry has impact on how we are going to dress in the future and on how we form our identities. The harmful way we produce now is not stainable for the human race and the environment. Textile designs will be more organic and make a contribution to a sustainable future. Biotechnology for example has many potential.

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What is it?
Because of the involvement of biotechnology designers has the opportunity to create new materials and tools to work with. The collection ‘Bio Nouveau’ of Amy Congdon is a research to what living materials and tools can mean for textile and jewelry. She developed the collection for the ‘Alive: New Design Frontiers’ Exhibition, at the Espace Foundation EDF in Paris. The collection is jewelry designed for an imaged couture atelier for 2080. The new luxury materials are fashioned form cells instead of fabrics.

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Why is it cool?
I believe, in the future we are going to search for sustainable alternatives for the textile industry, that materials are not made but they are grown. This project of Amy Congdon fits within the trend ‘Shifting Identities’ because a large part of our identity is determined on how we dress. Through conscious appearance choices we become whom we want to convey. As soon as there are new possibilities for clothes and jewelry we are changing our identities with the times, it is a natural process. I believe that biotechnology has a great potential for a sustainable future, not only in the appearance industry but also other branches like food or health for example. Congdon’s vision for the atelier of 2080 is that we can manipulate our body to grow seasonal jewelry. In my opinion it is not a realistic view for now but for 2080 it is a beautiful sustainable alternative for the global problems we are facing.

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