A pinch of salt and pepper

Food, design, collaboration and creativity. An experiment what results in a new way of cooking. A need for society is being together, however, this is not always possible. Due to this problem interesting projects come to life in order to bring people together, with the next project as a result.
What is it?
The Swedish Stockholm Studio PJADAD created the Food Machine. The machine is designed by Christian Isberg concerted by the technical knowledge of Lasse Korsgaard and with the craftsmanship of chef Carl Berglof been established. By using a digital platform, it is possible that 5 chefs can cook together with a distance between them. How does is work? The collaborative cooking machine has six functions including heat, stirring and selection of ingredients. There are 35 ingredients processed in the Food Machine and chef Carl Berglof selects these. When one of the chefs decides to take action, robotic arms and plastic storage wheels perform the tasks and guide the ingredients towards the pan. All experiments are recorded by printing the recipes on a receipt, this happens when the light begins to glow. A cooking session can last 10 to 20 hours to serve a full meal.
Why is it cool?
Never before was it possible to cook with a distance, in this case together with other professionals. The open world and the developments in the field of technology gave the opportunity to share knowledge. Working together develops new ways of cooking and perhaps new dishes. This Food Machine starts the discussion about our eating habits. Because we are used to going out for dinner or cook in a pan that is tangible. In the future this might be the new way of going out for dinner. No doubt this project will lead to more initiatives, combined with work or cooking together in other ways.

A reaction to this unique and new way of cooking is that automation is something that we are going to see in future kitchens. This can be linked with the trend individualization, kitchens are adapted to the environment and human health which actions are taken out of your hands and the recycling process takes place immediately. An example is the Ekokook Kitchen by designer Faltazi: http://www.yankodesign.com/2010/02/01/ultraponic-superstars/

I think that this project is a good example of what is happening in the world and the food sector. There is a need for others ways of cooking but also technology en togetherness come to each other in this minimalistic designed food processor. It is currently not yet commercially deployed but I think that is has opportunities for the future.


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