Society shift #Herkansing

The transformation of our identity is associated with the times in which we live. Society has changed and therefore also his opinions. This is reflected in the current fashion, designers use actualities as inspiration for their new collections. In this way, get socially significant attention trough the fashion world. Designers like Walter van Beirendonck and Rick Owens express their view about current events and the shifts between men and women with fashion.

What is it?
At the first day of men’s fashion week in Paris Walter van Beirendonck shows the world his new collection for Autumn/Winter 15’. This time with a message, two weeks after the attack on Charlie Hebdo he opened the show with a meal model in a top from PVC with the text “stop terrorising our world”. Other messengers of the collection are ‘demand beauty’ and ‘an eye for an eye only ends up making the world blind’. The collection cries out for freedom of expression.


Freedom and the blurring between men and women have become part of everyday fashion. We are free in what we wear, who we are and free to express our opinion.

This reflects in appearance, include the collection of Rick Owens for autumn winter 2015. 4 male models walk on the catwalk without cover their genitals. Nudity for women has become normal in the fashion-industry, but for men’s fashion this is still not accepted. There was a lot of attention for the collection of Owens in the media. With this statement he pushed figuratively a penis in the face of the current fashion system. As a designer you create a new worlds, and you escape reality, he creates a world of transvestism and androgyny.


Why is it cool?
Both designers respond to topics that are highlighted in the society and affect this in fashion. Owens had guts to show a collection like this and reflect the taboo of nudity, focus on men. He is not afraid to shock, hereby there is extra attention to this taboo he wants to break. I believe in the future the image between man and woman fades away. Male nudity will become more open and normal because it is increasingly seen on the catwalk, so people are often confronted with it. There will be less distinction in the future between men and women clothing. There will arise a silhouette for both sexes: androgynous.

I think it is interesting to see that designers continue push their limits and confront the society with their behaviour. They do not go along with the flow of the consumer society but use fashion as a communication tool.


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