A capsule of pink #Herkansing

Moschino use influences from society, for especially hypes, or companies as inspiration for their collections. The Barbie look or the fashionably outfit inspired by a McDonald employee for example. Large companies determine how over lives and appearance looks. The media manipulates our lifestyle by imposing opinions and ideals of beauty.

What is it?
For the Spring/Summer collection of 2015 Moschino uses Barbie as an inspiration. Creative director Jeremy Scott created a catwalk of models with fake eyelashes, blonde wigs and clad in pink outfits: the stereo image of Barbie. There were different types of Barbie’s: one on roller skates, as band member in fitness attire and with cowboy hats. To make it complete the song ‘I’m a Barbiegirl’ sounded through the speakers.


During his debut for Moschino in February 2013 (A/W collection ‘14) Scott showed an acclaimed collection. For his first collection the designer was inspired by nowadays pop-culture, fast food and cartoons. The models walked on the catwalk in different brightly coloured dresses with chips, popcorn and chocolate depicted on it. But also SpongeBob and McDonalds were a part of the ten pieces with iconic logos and characters, which were interpreted, with the features of the brand. The 39-year-old Scott is since October 2013, the new head designer for Moschino. The American is the successor of Rossella Jardini.

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Why is it cool?
Big fashion houses determine the fashion and let us change of identity twice a year. The extreme collections of Moschino can be seen as an experiment. How much is the consumer influenced by leading fashion brands? I believe they are not based on trends but on everything that is happening in the world. These collections are consequences of the fast fashion industry in which we live. Once it is determined that we have to assume another identity, we all do it without a doubt. Barbie strands for the ideal beauty for women, without reflect on their own opinion most of the crowd change their view. But we are also faced with an ideal of beauty, which is not realistic form an early age. Recently I read an *article about the perfect sizes of a woman, apparently she is 168 meters long, weighs 58 kg and has a cup size of 75C. I believe that the ideal of beauty is always in motion. In the 60 years different silhouettes have passed by, from curvy, androgyny to a fit body. The technology of today will provide even more opportunities the create perfection.



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