shift by technology #Herkansing

Lucy McRae

Technology not only improves our society but also our bodies. Lucy McRae develops ways to merge biology and technology with our bodies. The human body and technology creates a new body on a very arty way. It’s more than just technology, it is art with investigating human incorporated in.



What is it?
Lucy McRae is a Body Architect exploring the relationship between the body, technology and the grey areas of synthetic and organic materials. She creates scientific art inspired on our future bodies. She works at Philip electrics at the department of the future, here examines how technology can transform the body. Working in the far future design research lab she developed stretchable electronics, an electronic tattoo and a range of emotional sensing dresses awarded Time’s Best Fashion Invention in 2007.

Why is it cool?
The designs of Lucy McRae are forwards with a look on the future. For her projects she uses storytelling what gives an extra dementia on the transformational shift and innovation. It is interesting to research how you can shift from identity by technology. I don’t know if these bodies become ours within 20 years, but for sure it’s going to have a major impact.


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