Not just a line #Herkansing

During my visit at The Future fashion is now I saw the art of Minna Palmqvist, one of the areas of this exhibition is all about imperfection. Every day we are faced with an ideal of beauty through plastic surgery. This has a major impact on our realistic few of beauty. Minna Palmqvist is a designer with a critical eye on perfection and imperfection. She is inspired by the perfect world of fashion and everyday reality.

What is it?
Minna Palmqvist is a designer and artist from Sweden. Her concept is called ‘Intimately Social’, a project about the body who is socially accepted and the bodies we really have. She is focus on the female body in fashion. Her art en designs criticized the clash between realistic bodies and the bodies we actually love. The fashion collection for spring/summer ’15 is about a women who is reality and fiction, actually she doesn’t know anymore was is real and what is fake. During the fashion show the model wear graphic clothes that are literal market. The outfits consist of layers who disappear during the show, ultimately the market model left. One of the models is an older woman, this is a statement to the fashion industry, witch only uses ‘perfect’ models. The words in the music add an extra dimension to the show, for example, ‘our bodies are not to be used but a fight between fake and reality’.


Why is it cool?
Trough plastic surgery we can shift very easily of identity. But why become our imperfections not our perfections? And do we strive for the perfect image the society expects us to be? Rather than other designers Minna Palmqvist let us think about the ideal self image with her art instead of encourage this. She uses her thoughts en frustrations about this superficial society we live in as inspiration and countermovement. Therefore it is in line with the trend ‘Shifting Identities’, you can create a whole new you thanks to plastic surgery. But also the fact that we consider that it is normal to transform ourselves says something about the shift of the society with regard to this topic. I believe that the size of this problem will increase in the future and it will change our ultimate ideal of beauty. *ISAPS research shows that there is a surge in the number of visits to the plastic surgeon. This increase is based on the whole world and not reflected in the Dutch figures. Although this subject engage our young people, 10% of the Dutch youth considering plastic surgery. They are the future, so ultimately perfection will become increasingly important.


*Plastic surgery

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