Small but beautiful

Isabel Marant is showing her true colours. To give a taste of her new Spring/Summer collection for 2015 she creates a pop-up store with the same atmosphere. After Delvaux it is up to Marant to present ‘worlds smallest pop-up store’ this month.
What is it?
The pop-up store is located in the gallery area of ‘le Palais-Royal de Paris’. The gallery is a place where fashion and art meet in temporary exhibitions. The French fashion designer displays a few pieces of her next collection for upcoming Spring/Summer. A few pieces are from the second clothing line, these are part of the tribal inspired ‘Etoile Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2015’. The store opens 21th of November 2014 and closes the 3th of January 2015. The centrepiece of the store is
the ‘little fashion house’, this displays the core of her collection. The tone of the collection is set by a patchwork of geometric shapes and vivid colours. Arnold Garon made the concept, she collaborated previously with this artist/designer.
Why is it cool?
She caught the attention of the consumer by showing a glimpse of her upcoming collection, she excited, and consumers are now looking forward for when the collection is available in stores. Thus the pop-up store creates an experience around the purchase. This is an example of a temporary flagship store where people can already “taste” the new collection. The experience of the collection on beforehand only triggers the consumers more to purchase the clothes when they are available in stores.
It is smart to create buzz before the product is available in order to create an additional trigger to purchase. I believe that we will see this more often in the future, where brands try to create a product experience before. The consumers will be affected by the upcoming collection in advance through advertising in magazines, TV or social media. The society wants to express their unique identity, and authentic, exclusive products are an important tool to create a unique identity. Nowadays there is a big range of product choice what results in a more critical choice of purchase and they are willing to pay more for the experience.

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