Flight on the ground

Airline Company KLM often uses publicity stunts to give travellers an extra experience before, during and after their flights. This time they transformed an old airplane into an apartment.

What is it?
You might have heard about it and that was exactly the intension. Spending the night in an old McDonnell Douglas MB-11 airplane is the newest KLM experience. The 285 chairs were replaced by a completely furnished home. Unfortunately it is not possible anymore to send your motivation to AirBnB. The airplane apartment will open tomorrow (28 November) and only stay on Schiphol for 3 days, with each night another lucky one for this unique experience. After visiting Holland he flies to the V.S.


Why is it cool?
KLM is an airline company, they are focus on inventive marketing. Troughs the experiences they create by their projects people become curious about a flight or this is predominating to choose for KLM again. By the founding of AirBnB, a website where you can rent a ‘room’ in somebody’s house, it becomes easier for everyone to visited another place in the world. KLM has more bookings, just because of the image that AirBnB had created throughout the years. I consider this co-operation between KLM and AirBnB would work really well since they begun. I also think that they started this project to improve both of their images.


This homely airplane fits into the living room society trend. I notice that the subway creates more and more a home feeling in their vehicles. A good example of this is the living room that is created on the central station of Rotterdam. By these living rooms travellers will feel like home. I think because of this flex work is upcoming.

2014-11-12 14.02.39

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