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The Future of Fashion is Now is an overview of a new generation of fashion designers. The exhibition is divided up into four areas. One of those areas is about new values and new stories. I think fashion designers have to look currently to the fashion system trough the rapid changes in trends and styles. This results in experiments with the materials. Designers also make the trip to the final transparent so the products get more values.


What is it?
One of the exhibitors of The Future Fashion is now in the Boijmans en van Beuningen museum is Lara Torres. She started during her career as a fashion designer delves into the function of clothing and fashion. In her collection An impossible wardrobe for the invisible she make clothing that disappears. When the substances come in contact with water it dissolves and only the yarns and haberdasheries remains. Lara Torres makes her work during the exhibition in an innovative way visual. She makes the whole process transparent. By showing her method trough fabric samples, demonstrate the efficacy of the substance by a movie, photos with details and trough show the breakaway process the visitors experience the development process. Her thoughts behind this concept are: in many religions, water has a purifying function. When the fabric has dissolved, only a memory of the clothing remains.


Why is it cool?
The work of Lara Torres is in line with the trend serendipity seeking. The journey to the end product is as important as the result. The area about new values and new stories shows the whole process and this is not something we see often. That designers give their secrets of their art. I think exhibitions are designed differently in the future so that it remains attractive for visitors to visit. At The Future of Fashion is now everyone gets a book with a describing of the details and background of each object, such as every other exhibition. The stories behind each object give more openness of the process. There could be more interaction between the art and information. Visitors feel more connected and triggered during the exhibition, for example a voice recording for every artwork, so tours are no longer required.

If you are interested in fashion processes the exhibition The Future Fashion is now is really a recommended. During the areas your senses are stimulated because the spaces are used several. The other areas tell a story about the materiality and experiences, the (re)definition of the human figure and fashion activism: community and politics.

trailer “An impossible wardrobe for the invisible” from Lara Torres on Vimeo.

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