Hamburgers and a good glass of wine on the side!

All over the world you can eat a hamburger, but there are not many places where you can order it with a good glass of wine. But why is this combination unique? In the market hall in Rotterdam innovations of food come together.


What is it?
In the market hall in Rotterdam is also the restaurant Pickles established. Company Pickles is a burger restaurant- and wine bar in one. They are open Since October 28. On the menu you’ll find fresh made burgers with a matching wine. The room is furnishes with industrial furniture combined with a homely atmosphere. You can take place with a company at a table but on your own there is also the opportunity to eat a hamburger at one of the high reading tables. Trough the open kitchen get guests a glimpse how there is prepared. There is a craft atmosphere at Pickles, the fresh food is everywhere in the restaurant. Staffs consist of men in leather aprons and big beards, which also gives contribution to the craft atmosphere.

3 Pickles

Why is it cool?
The combination of hamburgers and wine is not something we see often. The contrast of wine we associate with something lux and hamburgers with fast-food, is contradictory and that makes it interesting and innovative. The restaurant Pickles is a good example of the trend authenticy because the products are pure and they radiate this in a lot of things like staff and space. I think the Market hall in Rotterdam is a good place for Pickles because the visitors who come here appreciate craft. This concept has also future growth potential because authenticy is a countermovement to mass production and people gets more needs of this. Guests are prepared to pay more for a freshly made burger and the experience after visiting pickles. Ultimately it has more values than if the process is not transparent, this give experience to the Hamburgers.


Become hungry after reading this blog post? And wondering how the best burgers in town are prepared? Then visit Pickles and take a glass of wine on the side 😉

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