Everything except Hout and Mint

Our homes we see more and more on the street. Stores are not specialized in one sector anymore but have a wide range of products. But how can they differentiate themselves from the rest? Mr. and Mrs. Van Hout know how to handle it.

What is it?
Mint is a concept store where creativity, fashion and interior design come together. Since October 3, 2014 Mint is located on 36th Telefoonstraat in Tilburg. Interior specialist Mr. and Mrs. Van Hout and fashion store started together in the centre of Tilburg. The store is composed of 4 parts. Upon entering you walk in a wardrobe with affordable clothing of trendy, unique ladies brands. Then you came into the living room. Designer sofas, pillows and rugs give character to the store. For enjoy after a visit they also sell threats like freshly made jam for at home. Eventually you come in the book heaven with books over interior, design, styling and photography.

Why is it cool?
The living room atmosphere there is at Mint is a good example of living room society. Consumers pay more by the perception of the store, through the design and the luxury of the products. The products have a story and this give the consumers also an experience of the product. In the future see the shop become larger, and expand the range. I think that Mint is an addition to the shopping streets of Tilburg where all the creative perspectives come together. But also that stores will increasingly distinguished form others by create identity in the future. A visit at Mint improves the quality of life because different senses are stimulated and products with a story behind give more values.

If you are interested in shopping experience you are at the right place at mint certainly, there is something for everyone. Curious about the best concept store of Tilburg? Go you take a look and get inspired.

2014-11-04 12.06.21
2014-11-04 12.06.01
2014-11-04 12.05.51
2014-11-04 12.07.45

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