Bye man boobs!

app man v fat

Worldwide there are a lot of overweight men. Often they don’t know how to live healthier and lose weight. How can we inform men in a nice way but mainly activate? Share!

What is it?
Man V Fat is an online magazine for overweight men. By this magazine men will be supported to lose weight by information and community. Andrew Shanahan also writer for The Guardian, The times and Loaded launched the Man V fat concept. During his own battle against the scales he mostly missed support and that’s why is conceived Man V Fat. It all started at where people can invested in an idea by donate money. At the beginning of May 2014 there was enough investments to launch the digital magazine.

The magazine readers are motivated by stories of fat man who already lost a lot of weight. Also they found information about diets and how to live healthier. Because man want to share their struggles during their weight process and feel connected with somebody, there is also a community where they can talk and motivate each other.

Why is it cool?
Never before health and weight were so important for so many man. The magazine is online and that is something we are going to see more and more, and in the future tangible magazines disappears. Through online magazines we receive a lot of paper and we are able to read everywhere and every time. In contradiction to the paper savings we achieve with the online magazine, Man V Fat also wrote a book and this will be published in December 2014. Later in 2015 they have the ambition to create a new concept to reach more people. That man get healthier improve their quality of life more because they are more able to do what they want instead of that weight hindered them.

So together obesities can approached by information and sharing. If you’re curious about Fat Man v you can download the app for free, it’s for android and iOS or take a look on the website

man v fat

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