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Let’s talk about!

Traumatized, for the rest of your life. Often this has major impact on the rest of your life, but how can we change the life with a trauma? Lets talk about it!

What is it?
Iamafighter is a recovery social network for people who are traumatized. You can get in touch with peers in two ways, through the website and the mobile app. By her own personal struggles Trisha Wiles founded Iamafighter. The social network is for people with a trauma in many different areas like addiction, depression, anxiety, survivors of abuse and much more. On December 12, 2013 she launched the website iamafighter.com shortly thereafter the mobile app came out.

The social network is subdivided in different colours, and each colour forms a trauma. They’re 27 different support groups and every group is intentionally paired according the psychological effects of colours. In this way the need for each group can be anticipated. So people with similar experiences can meet each other to talk about their processing process like their successes and struggles through recovery. But also learn from how other deal with their problems. People are often looking for recognition so that they feel connected to someone and not lonely shaping up.

i am a fighter 2

Why is it cool?
In the future, traumatized people not so quickly go to psychiatrists or taking medications. They rather go looking for peers to talk together about it because society is becoming more open. Through this social network is a new way of dealing with trauma caused and therefore very innovative. There are already 2000 ‘fighters’ from 10 different countries and I expect that in the future there will be only more. People are more open online and dare to ask for help more and more. Because psychiatrists are not longer the first step I see a chance that said also actively make iamafighter to pass when there is see a chance that they will also be active on iamafighter to pass feedback when there is demand.

So Iamafighter is a new way of trauma counselling trough talk about it with peers online. You can join for free by subscribing to the website or download the app. And do not be scared and share your problems.

i am a fighter

Read more on: https://iamafighter.com

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