Gluten-free? In the pocket!

the canary

How annoying is it that we do not know exactly which nutrients are in our food, especially if you have a gluten allergy. If you get too much gluten inside, your body has a hard time with the processing of the gluten. But how can we get control of how much gluten we eat? The Canary is the solution.

What is it?

A new device called The Canary is being developed by a San Francisco-based company. The portable device by 6SensorLabs will allow users to determine if the food they’re about to eat contains any gluten in it. The process consists of three phases. The disposable units are placed in the food, the data is collected in the unit and through an app passed on to you. With this gadget we have more control over how many gluten our food contains, and can we eat consciously.

Why is it cool?

Never before we want as much control on our lives than today. Technology is the future and The Canary fits into this vision. Due the pocket-size the product is useable for everyone and unlike before anyone can test how much gluten their food contains. I think that in de future we can measure all the nutrients that our food contains and that this product is further developed, with multiple options. With more information about the food we eat our quality of life gets better because we can be healthier.

For people with an gluten allergy this product is an addition to their life, because they’re more flexible, for example go out to dinner. And for the people without it is good to eat consciously.

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