water 2

In some places of the world there’s not enough water for everyone. While we are also wasting al lot of water. Maybe we don’t know better? Information might be the solution.

What is it?
O’Callaghan, an interaction designer from Smart Design has developed a product that measure how many water you waste. The Water Watcher device will light up when you use too much water, and the amount of wasted water what’s moving through the drains is redirected to an app on your phone. Trough the Water Watcher connecting to pipes in the shower en kitchen each liter of water can be count. People are aware of their water use in this way and can adjust this. Because a lot of water is wasted and there is also a shortage of water, this product is for everyone value-added. It works because we can reduce 20% of water consumption.

Why is it cool?
Not only cool but also very necessary in society. An activity to perform offline which is then online registered and advised is the new inline. The Water Watcher measures the amount of wasting water like never before and that makes it really innovative. In the future will water spillage decrease, because more people become aware of their water consumption. Also water bills will reduce and in areas where is a deficit of water the shortage will be solved. In areas with water shortages the Water Watcher will improve the quality of life a lot because their have enough of the first necessities of life… water!

I think that everyone should get this product because when we do it all together is has more effect. Eventually everyone needs water so am sparingly.


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