Snooze, again and again!

sleep 2

Are you also tired sometimes because you’ve slept bad? This has an impact on the next day. But how can we solving this? With the Withings Aura Smart Sleep System are you nights like never before.

What is it?
The Withings Aura helps people with sleep problems and wake up better. It is an appcessoire for the bedroom that analyses your sleep, monitors and ensures improvement. At the CES of 2014 this product was launched. At night you use the Withings Aura, the system combines three components. A contact-free Sleep Sensor that you put under your mattress, the active Aura system with a light and sound device, and the App on your iPhone or iPad.

In the App your sleep data are saved with different parameters and you can with the App analyse, track and compare with previous nights. Ultimately allows you to provide a better night’s sleep. The sleep Sensor keeps your sleep cycles due to the movement of your body, your breathing and your heart rate. The Withings Aura system not only ensures the right sound and lighting, but also keeps the environment at such temperatures and amount of light in your bedroom, the app helps you to optimize your sleeping environment.

Why is it cool?
This product is cool because it helps people with sleep problems in a new way. Inline products are increasingly, you live offline but your sleep condition is recorded online. This is a different way of life we are going to see more and more in the future. I think in en view years our whole life is recorded online so this product is an addition for a different future. For now Withings Aura optimize our quality of life because we are more conscious how sleep affected our life every day and it improves you sleep quality.

So with the Withing Aura your sleep quality gets better through online registration from you sleep. This product is interesting for everyone because sleep is important for all of us. to experience this product visually check the demonstration video.

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